Lower Cost of Living

The purchasing power of your dollar is nearly twice in Belize than in the U.S. and goes farther than Mexico, Panama, or Costa Rica. Despite Belize's many advantage, property in Belize is still a bargain as the country has not been heavily marketed like Costa Rica and Panama.

Belize is situated at the bottom edge of the hurricane zone so the average storm only comes once every four years compared with the Caribbean islands that weather multiple hurricanes each year. The barrier reef tempers the saltwater air and winds reducing maintenance costs for your oceanfront home. Also, because Belize is a mainland country with islands resting near its coast the cost of supplies is much lower than that of the Caribbean islands.

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Purchasing Power

Nicaragua $2,629     Belize $1,910
Costa Rica $1,732     Panama $1,557
Mexico $1,397     United States $1,000

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